Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stuff thats really just a distraction

I am working on a big show right now and had to put this frame-building project on hold. In the mean time, prepare to be dazzled by this bike I keep at my parent's house in Cleveland.

Its about 80% post consumer. The frame was obtained through a local bicycle co-op in Cleveland and the rest of the parts were in that basket of goodies that every bicycle person has. I think I bought the front brake. In fact, I think that's all I bought. I'm re-evaluating this bike at %95 post-consumer.

For the record, my rear wheel is awesome and survived landing into a hole that was the volume of a 42-gallon garbage can. This sculpture had somehow been excavated from part of Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland. So the rim dented, but I'd bet any rim would have done the same; East Cleveland is a tough town. It was bad enough that it made a thump every time it went around and I had about 7 uphill miles left to get back to the heights. I quickly replaced the old rim with another old rim which, I predict, will find a similar fate.

The front wheel has been appropriated from my dad's bike. He was not happy about this until I returned it. Since this photo was taken the bicycle looks slightly different.

Oh, and the orange is for the Cleveland Browns. They hold a place deep in everyone's heart.